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Amours de Zinc - a Review of the press


Baudelaire said the soul of wine, Patrice Bourgeon has put it into music.
"Une autre chanson", Belgium

Serge Delaite, Jean-Marc Lajudie, and Patrick Vassort are the three pearls :they accompany his beautiful deep voice jamming their jazz to a Latin musical.
"Musette" Rotterdam Dagblad

14th July, joy, wine, we sang the love of Zinc of our French cousin Patrice Bourgeon at the palace of Anitchkov ! Capturing the Bastille next to the Neva!
Izvestia, Russia

This record quickly put me in a good mood.

Not drinking songs: but an homage which breaks the barrier.
Revues des vins de France

The concert : literary metaphors and anecdotes, joy and melancholy, amplitude and intimate.
Nouvelles de Kiel

Sober decoration, fine lighting, subtle music… and slices of life full of poetry
La Montagne

The words tells us of the wonderful and funny things about French culture.
Petersbourg on-line, Russia

Here is the profile of a quality spectacle, where the superbly songs accompany the texts of Baudelaire or Monselet. Out of the ordinary.
Revue du spectacle on-line

As any good actor Patrice Bourgeon leads the ball at a breathtaking pace (rhythm).The excellent jazz pianist Serge Delaite is his accomplice: the lights go out, then he transforms into an accordionist musette! What a pair!
Alliance française of Manchester

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