Un p'tit coin d'paradis
„A corner in heaven“
Tribute to Georges Brassens –
Creation March 2005

Back to beginnings for Patrice Bourgeon who, like many singers of his generation, learnt his first guitar chords on song scores from this kindly master… An opportunity for Patrice to pay his tribute in a recent composition:

„I sweated, I fed on
those seventh, those diminished chords
Oh, your damned bloody chords...“
Then came the busking years on café terraces:
„… with your verses, I earned,
don‘t resent it, a few pounds
in the bars of Lille or Brest...“
Followed by a personal desire to compose:
„…You gave me the taste for writing
in your steps I was running...“
And finally, his first stage experience:
„…You bugger, it‘s because of you
if on a stage, this is what I do,
like a Pierrot under the moon,
that I didn‘t become a lawyer
it‘s mostly because of you, old fella
but, no hard feelings ...“

Patrice Bourgeon with Pierre Nicolas
(Double bass player of G Brassens during 30 years)
in the studio in 1985

But it was heartbreaking to have to choose just 25 songs from Brassens‘ oeuvre, because
„all his songs are great, there‘s nothing to throw out, you would need it all on that desert island...“
Then came the orchestration work requiring respect and sobriety, whilst introducing the Compagnie des Zinc musicians‘ personal musicality, but it was fascinating work.
And so you have it, 1 ½ hours of a show where the four players perform with obvious pleasure in the intimate atmosphere created by Ludovic Bourdais‘ cordial lighting. A pleasure which is shared by the audience who happily join in Uncle Georges‘ refrains …
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