Patrice Bourgeon and "La Compagnie des Zincs"

Encore heureux qu'il ait fait beau…
« La compagnie des Zincs » with more than one tour in the bag !


The group has a new show, "Encore heureux qu'il ait fait beau", which is a tribute to the music hall of the 50's and 60's.

This homage that Patrice Bourgeon has chosen is not a retrospective melancholic review of the shaddows left behind by the Frères Jacques, Trenet, Montand, Mouloudji.

Touring with the "Amours de Zinc" for five years now, having played across Europe and the United States, the singer and composer has let another show lie and proposes another for a break: that of a child from the masters of the music halls, who has decided to interpret these superb lyrical songs, and short stories of these great singers!

To make them relive, the same way as their creators. Talk about it!

"Encore heureux qu'il ait fait beau!" sang the Frères Jacques hight heartedly. The oldest job in the world was never such an inspiration for great poetry as for René-Louis Lafforgue and his « Julie la Rousse ».

And Juliette Gréco gave more voice to the accordion than Serge Gainsbourg could have dreamed of.

And Patachou's, interpreter inevitable of the most beautiful songs about "hot spots"…("le milieu"!)
And Bourvils' moving tale of the "Irish Ballad".
And Boris Vian, naturally high hearted or serious, who knows ! From Barbara to Jean Ferrat, Brassens to Nougaro, from jazz to java, it's all there, with Patrice Bourgeon: and his accompany of musicians Dominique Charnay, Franck Lincio Patrick Vassort, the threesome of the "Compagnie des Zincs"…not to be missed.

This joyous prodigious band propose this exceptional refreshing cocktail.

© P.Bourgeon   html: M.Becker