La Compagnie
Patrice Bourgeon

  • 1951 : Irena from Poland and Henri the Bourbonnais bend over the newly born and decide upon two things: he shall be called Patrice and shall be a French singer.
  • 1975 : Patrice Bourgeon boards the Calypso and becomes the cook for the crew of the commander Cousteau.
  • 1981: Records his single "Pépeski", homage to his grandfather, miner from Silesia.
  • 1982: Spectacle "Arrêtez les aiguilles", songs from 1900 to 1950.
  • 1985 : Album release "Incognito", songs from Journey.
  • 1989: Creates "Drôle de Brame". Directed by Jean-Vincent Lombard. Musical direction : Richard Galliano
  • 1992: CD "Tu grandis" and eponym spectacle. Choreography by Hervé Jourdet. Musical direction: Serge Delaite
  • 1996: Creates "Amours de Zinc". Musical director: Serge Delaite. Scenery : Patrick Mathonière
  • 1998: CD release, eponym. Production by Sergent Major Company/ Distributed by Night & Day.
  • 2001: New creation "Encore heureux qu'il ait fait beau". Homage to the music hall. Musical direction: Serge Delaite. Lighting by Patrick Mathonière.
  • 2002 - 2004 : Amours de zinc tours in France and in 12 countries..
  • 07/2004 : 20 shows at the Festival d'Avignon
  • 2005 : Creation of "un p'tit coin d'paradis" (a corner in heaven) tribute to Georges Brassens

1998 The first group Jean -Marc Lajudie, Patrice Bourgeon, Patrick Vassort, Serge Delaite

The Musicians 2005

   Les Musiciens
   Piano Dominique Charnay

   Accordeon Franck Lincio

   Contrebasse Patrick Vassort
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