La Compagnie des Zincs





Patrice Bourgeon

Amours de Zinc
Songs and spectacle of Patrice Bourgeon
Around the wine and bars

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Since the creation of the show, with more than 200 performances, Patrice Bourgeon and the "Compagnie des Zincs" have spread the gospel of wine and recounted their bistro love stories "Amours de Zinc" from the sunny shores of the Mediterranean, to the foggy coast of the Baltic Sea. They have traversed Marseille, Paris, Berlin, Rotterdam, Saint-Petersburg, New Orleans, Chicago…

"Amours de Zinc" is an original and delightful selection of songs with great lyrics inspired by history, French wine culture and literature. This original composing, is good company to the texts of Baudelaire, Omar Khayyâm, that he has turned into music with charm and humor. Serge Delaite, "musical director",Dominique Charnay at the Piano, Franck Lincio, accordionist and Patrick Vassort on double bass, are his accomplices.

With their "Amours de Zinc", a warm and lively cabaret, the artists bring words, light, wine and bistros to life, recreating the atmosphere of a typical French café, with flavours of jazz and musette, tango rhythms and java tunes, inviting the audience to shares waves of happiness and nostalgia, wine culture and poetry.

For the last few months, they have sung the soul of wine -l'âme du vin- at theaters and festivals throughout twelve countries, and in France, have covered the regions of Bordelais and Beaujolais, the vineyards of Languedoc, Bourgogne and Alsace, appearing in theatres, fairs and festivals, performing in the cabarets of Paris with their odor of good simple wines.







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